1. Event photographer —> 42,000
  2. Wedding photographer —> 34,500
  3. Pet photographer —> 36,700
  4. Photojournalist —> 30,500
  5. Fashion photographer —> 43,500
  6. Lifestyle photographer —> 44,500
  7. Portrait photographer —> 36,500
  8. Sports photographer —> 27,500
  9. Product photographer —> 39,500
  10. Forensics photographer —> 54,300

I can see myself working as a forensic photographer because cases and mysteries intrigue me. They make a good amount of money for just taking pictures and being in on all the action excites me. While it isn’t my dream job it is an area of work that I would pick if I had to.


Photojournalists capture images of events, people and incidents that can tell a story. They visit several locations to obtain the best photographs for their agencies, magazines, or documentary companies. They cover many important events such as the Olympics, national election, protests, and big events. Their equipment are a wide range of cameras and image enhancing equipment like artificial lighting, lenses, and filters.

Noon walks in Cuba
Evening strolls in Cuba
Evening stroll through alleys in Cuba
Amariah at a petting zoo in a pumping patch
Amariah and Eric walking

Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier Bressons photography captures very in the moment events. They are all black and white. The pictures have great lighting and contrasts. The pictures are very pleasing to the eye. They capture one of a kind moments. I like his style of work. The lighting he phtotographs in works well in his favor. The pictures seem to be from the 1970’s. He has a great and unique style of photography. I like the way his pictures capture one time only moments.

History of Photography Timeline

The history of photography goes way back and throughout time we can see the improvements that have been made a long way. Through photography , major important historical events were able to be captured in photo for the future generations to learn about. Kids working in factories shocked the world and made headlines all due to a photograph that was captured of them
My favorite photography history moments are when color film was developed, now we are able to see pictures of around the world in their full description. The camera being introduced on phones was also another one of my favorites because that has developed into what we use every day now, the camera has been combined into a small, handheld, portable device that we now use today. The production of film cameras has also benefited many photographers due to them being able to carry it anywhere they go to take landscape, sports, or nature wildlife pictures.